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Miguel y Carlos manufacturas, S.L.                           

Is a family business Founded in 1929 always  dedicated  (in a very small work shop in the beginning)
to the handicraft of canes,  walking sticks,  pitchforks,  souvenirs and decorative items.
Photos of the page with access to the * different kinds of sticks.
Also company information, manufacturing and *CONTACT.
(*) Are grouped by affinity, indicating> in (number) of pages X group
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mountain and trekking (3)
rustic and artisan (2)
complement and ride (2)
support, classic fist (3)
support, curved fist (3)
and ergonomic design (2)
XL special orthopedic (2)
carnaval and souvenirs (3)
decoration, canes (1)
spare parts, options (2)
wooden pitchfork (2)
handles of hackberry (1)
The COMPANY. who we are
Manufacturing, processing (25)
CONTACT, legal notice
* Last update > 17/09/2023
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